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Avg. National Rates
30 Yr Fixed 5.78%
15 Yr Fixed 5.39%
1 Yr ARM 4.80%
WSJ Prime 6.50%
Fed Funds 3.50%

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 Tips To Cut Home Refinancing Costs
Not only do you want to pay the lowest rate but you should also pay the lowest fees when refinancing your mortgage. Here's what you need to know about the different types of fees and how to negotiate for the lowest loan cost... more

Mortgage Refinancing
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 •  Should I refinance today?
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New & Used Car Loans
 •  Negotiating an auto loan
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Home Loans
 •  Home loan approval with bad credit
 •  Comparing mortgage rates to save $
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Auto Refinancing
 •  Car refinancing loans 101
 •  Auto refinance rates tips
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Home Equity Loans
 •  Getting the best rate - today!
 •  Home equity loan vs. line of credit
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Motorcycle Loans
 •  Motorcycle financing options
 •  Avoiding bad motorcycle loans
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 How Much Money Can I Borrow
With A Home Equity Loan?
Factors such as your home's value, lender rules, and size of your first mortgage effect how much you'll be approved for... more

 ARM Loans vs. Fixed Rate Home Loans.
How To Decide
With interest rates moving up and down each day, correctly choosing an ARM loan or fixed rate home loan is critical... more
 How To Drive Away With A Low
Auto Loan Interest Rate
Haggling isn't always the answer since there are many other ways to pay the lowest car loan interest rate... more

 Making The Auto Refinance Decision.
An Online Loan Guide
An auto refinance loan with the wrong length or rate could cost you more than you are paying now... more
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 • Where to find the best motorcycle loan rates
 • How an online motorcycle loan helps you throttle the dealer
 • Getting bad credit motorcycle loans without road rash

  Mortgage Refinancing
  The EchoBay Expert has the answers to your mortgage refinancing questions... all articles
 •  Fact or fiction: "No closing costs mortgage refinancing"
 •  How to compare mortgage refinance rates from lenders
 •  Should your current lender refinance your home loan?

  Home Equity Loans
  As interest rates rise, home equity loans and lines of credit become a good choice for funds... all articles
 •  Getting cash from refinancing or a home equity loan
 •  Is a home equity loan and second mortgage the same?
 •  Calculating home equity line of credit vs. loan rates

  Auto Refinancing
  How to refinance your car at almost no cost or hassle to lower your payments... all articles
 •  What cars are eligible for car loan refinancing
 •  Learning about the auto refinance loan process
 •  The effort needed for an auto refinancing loan

  Home Loans
  Advice for finding the best home loan rates, lenders and loan for your situation... all articles
 •  Are interest only loans good or bad?
 •  Pre-approved home loan vs. pre-qualified home loan
 •  Home mortgage loan terms that should be negotiated

  Auto Loans
  Guidance to get a great deal on your next auto loan from a dealer, bank, credit union or online... all articles
 •  How to win car loan negotiations at the dealer
 •  How to get the best online auto loan
 •  Picking when auto loan interest rates will be lowest

  Motorcycle Loans
  Money saving insight into getting a motorcycle loan before heading out to the bike dealer... all articles
 •  Getting bad credit motorcycle loans
 •  Motorcycle loan rates at different lenders

  Having an accurate and clean credit report has become a necessity when applying for a loan. Our advice will help you get yours in shape... all articles  
    Keys to understanding your online credit report
    Fixing errors that affect your FICO credit report score
    How your FICO score is calculated on a credit report
  Why an annual check of your credit report is critical  
  3 bureau credit reports vs. free credit reports  
  When credit bureau report records are removed  



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